We must stop this!

Prayer Categories


  • Body of Christ : Grow in Relationship to God the Father, through Jesus Christ, in power of the Holy Spirit….Awaken and Arise to Authority and standing against evil.
  • Religious System and Bondage to it: Freedom from Catholic Church and other denominations (religion but no relationship)
    Asking for forgiveness for the pastors and churches that don’t take a stand against evil like abortion and sex trafficking, celebrating
    pagan holidays.
  • Abortion: Taxpayer Defunding
  • Child Sex Trafficking/Pedophilia: Exposed, Children Rescued
  • Gender Identity Issues: Homosexuality, Transgender
  • Deep State Agenda for America: Globalists / Luciferians / Socialism / Nazi Control / CIA/NSA, etc.
  • Surveillance: Satanic System of Control, Electronic Grid prep for One World Government
  • Satanic Ritual Abuse: Exposure and Prayer for victims
  • Targeted Individuals: Justice and Exposure
  • Agents / Operatives / Gangstalkers : Freedom from mind control, manipulation, blackmail, blindness, and for Salvation
  • Geo-Engineering: Chemtrails, Global Warming deception
  • Vaccinations/ Medical
  • Satanism: Using the occult and technology to demonize masses and cast spells and curses on massive level.
  • Mind Control:
  • Native Americans: Pray for forgiveness, Restoration, Breaking of Curses
  • American Economy
  • Trans-Humanism
  • Education System
  • President and Leadership
  • Cell towers and Microwave Radiation
  • Nuclear Waste/Radiation
  • American Medical Association / Microchip Implants
  • Food : GMOs, Nanotechnology
  • Veterans
  • Clones / Hybrid Humans
  • Free Speech of Pastors and Christian Leaders
  • Persecuted Believers Worldwide
  • Healing: Call ins
  • Deliverance: Call ins
  • Salvation: Call ins

Next Steps...

What is your passion to see change in the world?  Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what He would have you stand in agreement and prayer for. Your prayers combined with faith, have the power to change lives, pull down strongholds and expose works of darkness!